Independent IT Consulting, Support and Training

LaKe Consult Ltd. is an Information Technology company specializing in two main areas:

  • Novell and Linux based Infrastructure, Collaboration and Security solutions

  • HansaWorld integrated Financial Accounting, ERP and CRM solutions

A close relationship with various partners enables LaKe Consult to provide integrated, stable and secure solutions that fit the needs of almost any company and organisation.

LaKe Consult Ltd. is the single most knowledgeable resource for Novell based solutions in West-Africa and offers in-depth knowledge and support of HansaWorld Financial solutions.

The strong expertise in Linux based commercial and OpenSource solutions enable LaKe Consult to bring the advantages of Linux into your business and to integrate Linux solutions into your existing IT environment.

Based in Ghana, West Africa,  LaKe Consult operates throughout the sub-region and beyond.


LaKe Consult Ltd.
P.O.Box TF 440, La, Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233 30 2764960, +233 24 4382 522, Fax: +233 30 2764960, email: